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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Steven Holl - Storefront for Art and Architecture

In 1993, The Storefront for Art and Architecture commissioned a collaborative building project by artist Vito Acconci and architect Steven Holl

From the Storefront website:
"The project replaced the existing facade with a series of twelve panels that pivot vertically or horizontally to open the entire length of the gallery directly onto the street. The project blurs the boundary between interior and exterior and, by placing the panels in different configurations, creates a multitude of different possible facades."

Consider how the treatment of the facade challenges conventional divisions between interior and exterior space as well as distinctions between private and public environments.  How could your own design explore similar tactics to generate an architecture within which threshold conditions transform in response to various modes of occupation and the rhythms of the city? 

'The front by Steven Holl with artist Vito Acconci is noticeably different from the traditional shop fronts and art galleries in nearby Soho: its experimental design forges a powerful link between public space, the sidewalk and street, and the private space represented by the narrow inner triangle of the art gallery. Conceived in this way, the fa├žade is both an element of urban cohesion, an extension of the road into the interior, and an expansion of the interior into the street'. 
-Abitare 334, November, 1994

More information about the project here

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