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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Agency of Mapping; Speculation, Critique and Invention

James Corner is an American Landscape Architect and theorist. In 1999 he published the essay The Agency of Mapping; Speculation, Critque and Invention in Mappings edited by Denis Cosgrove. The text explores the potential creative capacity of mapping processes.

“As a creative practice, mapping precipitates its most productive effects through a finding that is also a founding; its agency lies in neither reproduction or imposition but rather in uncovering realities previously unseen or unimagined, even across seemingly exhausted grounds. Thus mapping unfolds potential; it re-makes territory over and over again, each time with new and diverse consequences.”

It is an extremely interesting essay and conceptually contextualizes the ambitions of mapping exercises which we will investigate later this term

You can access a pdf copy of the essay online by clicking here

The drawings in this post are taken from James Corner's book; Taking Measures Across the American Landscape

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